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Offaly Jets

First Offaly Jets 14/15th August 2010

Some of us were invited down to the opening of Andreas own private field near cloughan in Co.Offaly for a Jet flying weekend.

Andreas had been working hard the past two months getting the field in shape, and done a great job in such a short time.

It is a great site with good approaches from both ends with plenty of open area to fly over.

Robert, Harry, Cecil and Seamus travelled down on Saturday morning, planning on staying the whole weekend. Gordon & Ken then joined us on Sunday morning.

Andreas, Shaun, John Beasley and John Duggan where already there when we arrived shortly after eleven.

The pit area is nicely sheltered from wind/rain/sun with over hanging trees, which were very welcome on Sunday with the strong sun.

Andreas had some very nice jets with him over the weekend two Jet Legend models here the L39 and F20.

Andreas also had the first flight of his Skymaster F4 Phantom, a very impressive model in size and sound in the air with a big Simjet Nexus for power.

Andreas definatly deserved the prize for the biggest "brass monkeys" over the weekend.

John Beasley travelled up from Cork with his very nice Velox

Unfortunatly this was the scene most of the weekend for poor Cecil, Wren starter and ECU problems preventing him from getting much flying until Sunday.

It was a great weekend total of 65 Jet flights logged over the weekend with over 50 of them from us lot down from the north!.

Jury is still out as to whom had the most flights as Robert flew two jets and Harry recons it can only be based on one! So with that we will have to give it to Harry.

I was pleased my Boomerang clocked up and past it's 100 flight over the weekend, nearly exactly a year since I first flew it and hope it will do another 100 between now and this time next year.

Big Thanks to Andreas & Shaun for Inviting us down, and for the great Flying, Weather, Accomadation, Food and the crack.

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