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Offaly Jets

Offaly Jets 26-27th March 2011

The First Jet fly-In of the year took place at Andreas Site again in Offaly.
Weather once agin played ball, albeit a little cold, but it was March after all.
We had Eleven Jets turn up plus a mix of other models for another great weekends flying.

One Jet pilot and model missing from Pic on right as he sneaked off on Saturday evening!

Andreas had out his new Boomerang Elan for it's first flights.
The Elan is powered by a JetCat P120SE and using Multiplex 2.4 radio.

Harry had his new CARF Flash only just test flown the week before, powered by a JetCat P120SX

Seen making some adjustments below

Peter looking pleased with the new colour scheme on the JetCat P70 Boomerang.

Cecil is getting a lot of flying in on the Nano now that it has been re engined with a JetCat P60SE

Over the weekend it was converted to Kero Start and is working very reliably.

Andreas also had his big 1/5th scale Jet Legend L39 out again.
This model is really impressive looking in the sky and an ideal big model for grass runways.

Peter & Harry flying their Habu's early on Sunday morning in the Sun, (after the night before !)

Another fantastic weekends flying in Offaly, that is three in a row now, can't complain about that.
Thanks again to Sean and Andreas for a really enjoyable weekend.

The group on the right that were there on the Sunday with all sorts of flying machines!

Some more photo's below taken over the weekend.

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