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Midlands Jets

Midlands Jets 7/8th June 2008

The First Jet Fly-IN took place over the weekend of the 7/8th of June at the Midlands Flying Club in Co. Offaly.

From the North of the country Myself, Robert, Harry, Gordon & Ken went on the Sunday, Phelim did'nt want to associate himself with us novice Jet pilots so he went on the Saturday :-)

The Midlands Flying Club have a superb site, which is owned by them. There is three wide & long closely cut runways with clear approaches from all angles. They have a clubhouse and a open shelter to store models when it rains.

Andreas from the midland club had two nice Jets with him, the 1/5th scale Let Legend L39 simjet 3000 powered and His Skymaster F4 Phantom fitted with a Simjet Nexus.

John Beasley had a EuroSport which was great to watch, it could nearlly hover vertical. Really slow high Alpha passes looked great.

Robert had his Harpoon which is going well now, looks evil in the air with that nose and canard.

Harry has the most flights of the day with his boomerang, which was one more than Phelim got the day before :-)

Gordon's Savex L39 along with Roberts Harpoon.

My Bobcat beside Johns big EuroSport

Bobcat on Climb out

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