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IJMC Jet World Masters

Jet World Masters Enniskillen, N. Ireland 2007

Republic of Ireland team
Andreas balsinger, John Beasley, Seamus O'Donnell,
Stanley Stewart, Ger Carter, & David McIntyre

John Gets the big Skygate Hawk fired up.

John taxing out for his first competition flight of the JWM

Seamus's Jet legend T45 Goshawk during Static judging

Who is the pilot in the T45 below?

Andreas Skymaster F4 Phantom

Andreas with his Skymaster F4 Phantom, Simjet Nexus powered
and Multiplex Radio

The Multiplex men

Northern Ireland team

Phelim & Robert with the avonds F15

Phelim taxing out for his flight

Stephen Brownes Sea Viven

Mathew with the Wren 44 L39 may have been the smallest jet there but put in a very high flight score.

Ian Robbs Fiabo T45

Gordons L39 throwing out some flames at startup

That man again with his F15 being interviewed for the Traplet Video.

Swiss Team

Scottish Jet team

John Tappin & Ian Richardsons Winning Sabre
Scale detail on the plane has to be seen - incredable

Stephen Volkers Winning Skygate Hawk

The Saudi skygate Hawk was very nice

Reto Senns Big Hunter

Lineup of the Big 1/4 scale Skygate Hawks

A superb display of formation flying was demonstrated by a father & son team from Germany. Flying two Airworld Hawks in Red Bull colours.

Some other pictures from the event  

Individual Champion Stephan Volker Germany
Open Champion Jon Tappin/Ian Richardson England

For Detailed Results click Here

Next JWM will be held in Israel

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