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IJMC Jet World Masters

Jet World Masters Hungary 2005

The 6th Jet World Masters was held in Jakabszallas Hungary

Thanks goes to Aidan Lafferty for all the great Pictures.

Northern Ireland had two aircraft entered, Robert McCartney & Aidan Lafferty's Mick Reeves Venom fitted with a Wren 54
And Loudan Blairs Miles Student shown in the pictures further down.
No mean feat transporting a model across the world, nicely made box to keep it safe.
Loudan Blairs unusal subjet of a Miles Student, totally scatch built by loudan, it is powered by a KJ66 turbine which Loudan also built.

A Marvolous model with a very complicated undercarriage system.

Unfortunatly Loudan had a flame out shortly after takeoff in his first round and the aircraft was damaged.
Lots of hours work later the N.Ireland boys managed to get it fit for flying again for the third round but unfortunatly it did'nt survive
Taste of things to come, (see jwm2011) superb detailing on the Airworld L30 of Vitaly Robertus
Thomas Gleissners winning Airworld Hawk
Northern Ireland Team receiving the IJMC flag after winning the Bid for the 6th JWM to be held at Enniskillen in N.Ireland 2007
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