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Jets Over the North West 2012

23th September 2012

Unfortunatly we had cancelled the origonal date back in July due to the weather, so from then on it was going to be a last minute annoucement for a suitable Sunday.

Thinking it was not going to happen at all this year, the weather was showing on Friday, that Sunday would be sunny and dry with the wind on the Runway, so the emails were sent out and the weather men got it spot on!
Conditions were great for flying albeit a bit bumpy certain places around the circuit, and flying continued all day until we packed up around 7pm.

Lots of flights were logged and Aidan ran a great BBQ with very tasty burgers.
Everyone going home with a full belly and aeroplanes in one piece is as good as it gets!

Keep an eye on the JMAI YouTube channel for videos as we get them uploaded.

As this is going to be annual event the North West Club had Kindly Donated a Perpetual Trophy for "Best of Show" (the model on the top sponsored by the club Chairman Aidan) real nice thing to have sitting on the shelf.

Phelim won the "Best of Show" trophy for his many entertaining and exciting flights with the big XL2

Stephen Browne got the Furthest Travelled

Cecil got the most flights of the day, that is him still out flying in the background (wouldnt pose for a picture as he is camera shy!)

Stephen with his Wren54 powered Boomerang and GoPro camera mounted on the nose.

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